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little things make a whole.

February 28, 2011

so i have a whole thing about what an imp defect is and all that mess but instead, tonight i’m just gunna write.

I think i most likely have had H pylori for the last 7 years. Its weird to think that something like 80% of the world’s population has this bacteria and lives with it for their whole lives. Not to mention all the other shit. like aids. But lets just stick with H pylori right now. If 80% of the world’s population are at LEAST in moderate pain everyday, and the pain makes them unable to nourish themselves even if they are given the opportunity….Maybe it’s gunna be harder and take a little more time for them to evolve their surroundings.

and maybe 80% of the population unable to contribute fully to the evolution of their surroundings is slightly too high when we are in need of reform to get us out of our GLOBAL economic crisis.

and if you think thats a stretch because im taking a small scale individual struggle and saying it contributes to such a huge thing like a whole country’s stability…

Look whats happening in the middle east right now. It is amazing. Not just for what it means for them, but what its reminding the world. Progress is influenced by the basic wants and needs of people not only their advancements in technology. Societies don’t only evolve when discoveries are made about production. Sometimes progress comes merely from impassioned ideas of what is right and wrong. When may not be fighting dictators but we still need impassioned ideas. For example: health care is a more important then giving tax cuts to the rich.

its kinda like pointillism mixed with lessons from elementary school.

wait for it.

if one of the dots in a pointillism painting decides to turn black or white or ignore its role in the picture as a whole maybe you won’t notice it consciously but the fact is the image you are looking at has changed even if its just a tiny dot. And if one dot says fuck it, other dots are gunna fuck off too. and then even if 10% of them ignore their role in the picture as a whole the picture will be effected.

my metaphors tend to get a little weird.

point is… point… point is while i am someone who tends to over use the phrase nothing matters. In fact Everything matters. Every small detail of every single citizen affects the society in which they live, even if its to a small degree. But if you have 80% of a population running at 20% of their potential because they are sick it works out to the entire population running at something like 27%. Thats a lot of wasted potential. Even if we say that the 20% are the real big hitters its stupid to think a group of people working at 27% of what they could doesn’t contribute to that groups instability, unhappiness, and inevitable sluggish progress.

maybe my math is a little screwy but you get the concept. And i think we all are feeling the weight of sluggish progress right now.

Its true that i am not a country. I guess. But I am a contributor to a society. And if the middle east has taught me anything in the last month its that i should give a shit about that.

Which is why i am going to find out what the hell sickness i have had for 7 years and get it cured. Because progress is hard to reach if you can’t get up in the morning. and i’ve got a lot of shit to do. I might not need to over throw a dictator, but i’d like to inspire.

ANd thats not gunna happen if im distracted with pain 24/7. Not because anything can stop me from trying, but because at the end of the day running at 20% can not produce the results of running at a 100%

and im not saying im just saying. maybe health care shouldn’t be a luxury if we want to get out of this economic crisis. Do we really need the strain of even 10% of our country working at 20%?

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