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anger issues

March 6, 2011

so here is the thing. im gunna continue to write randomness and we will find ou together what imp defect means. my guess is that it means the defect of finding things funy when maybe…they arn’t funny.

but what isn’t funny when you want o laugh at everything.

so today i woke up after 14 hours of sleep feeling like a bitch.

and not really a bitch but a girl who knows how she feels and just can’t muster up the bullshit to pretend.

if im in this mood i don’t want you to say anything to me that can qualify as cute. Anything. Anything that is cute should be not said to me.

because honestly what i think is cute is telling you that i have the biggest dick you’ve ever seen and that it will make your weep hurt when i shove it down your throat.

I’m not sure why i think that is funny, other then the irony that i am a 115 pound girl obviously without a dick that couldn’t hurt, and wouldn’t hurt shit, if she tried.

but in the right state. i don’t want to acknowledge who i am.

the overall thing here is that if a tiny girl says this rather uncomfortable and rude thing to you: you could one: get really offended. OR you could realize the pure absurdity of the idea and laugh in her face. which would make any girl that would make this absurd statement happy.

if you cry. I’ll cry and hate myself for it.

get it?

i just sometimes want to aggressively assert myself as something else then i am so obviously am. So if i am so inclined to be that sarcastic to you about my very large dick, please laugh. do not cry. or we’ll be all crying at the end and no one will be happy about it.

and at the end of the day who wants to be crying instead of laughing really.

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