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March 7, 2011

Frankly if one more person tells me that cunt is the female version of n*** – They’re going to be calling me a cunt shortly after. In order for cunt to come anywhere close to the N word, cunt would need to have a similar history as the N word. Makes sense? That would means cunt needs to have been used; 1 for a long period of time, 2 by a large group of people, and 3 at some point was exclusively used to reduce women to property.

The earliest mention that I could find so far was a dude from the 1700 saying that cunt is a bad word to describe a filthy thing. It’s necessary to point out that he was not talking about a woman but a vulva. Even more necessary to point out – if cunt was like the fucking N word he would have said, ” I sold my cunt at the market today.”

*Side note* I will say to his actually statement: sir, you know you like them. But maybe he likes filthy. Maybe he should call me sometime. From the 1700. and we can get colonial filthy. Actually no, i don’t get filthy with strangers, even if they are from the past. *Side Note done*

Back to my point. I’m going to get a book on the etiology of cunt, because though the paralleling of cunt to the N word made me furious it did spark my interest as to why perhaps this word is so hush hush. However, Wikipdidia in all its wisdom, was a bit helpful. In the 1960s there was a move from some ladies to eradicate all feminine words that had derogatory connotations. Based off of that, all you cunt haters out there should stop saying bitch or silly girl as well. Honestly, Respect where your idea came from for pete’s sake. Especially if you’re going to be so rhetoric-y about it. My question to you now is what oh what will you call me when I call you a cocksucker? cocksucker? Repeats are Lame, and for god’s sake I’m a lady.

And as a lady I really rather society move away from cunt being filthy and off limits while cock gets to be hillllarrrrious and swung around like a roofied girl at a frat party.

Finally lets be fucking clear – my vagina is not a racial slur.

I’m gunna go buy a book on the etiology of the word cunt now.

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