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Trauma be my friend?

March 11, 2011

The movement for equality, which belongs to any and every minority, is getting lost in the majorities’ reverence for oppression. Equality, which is ultimately the exchange of mutual respect, is unattainable when reverence is perpetuating the us and them dynamic. Especially if it’s a us and poor them.

This Reverence for the oppressed is covering up the fear of their trauma. The oppressed shine a light on what trauma can make a person become, trauma’s potential to find anyone, and makes the rest of us ask what is owed to those it did find. Instead of allowing this reality to exist, victims are kept at a safe and reverent arm’s length . Like a pitied leper. Theres nothing equal about that. Even if you say that leper is a pretty pretty princess that deserves a much better city then your dingy normal one. How about you let that pretty princess make her own decisions, cuz lets be honest your whole leper-less city dynamic makes us lepers wonder what the fuck your hiding in there.

is it braaaaaaiiiins? lepers love brains.

Oppressive trauma is of course not limited to women or black people, or homosexuals, and neither is segregation. For example: 30% of children in the United States are sexually abused a year, but the subject is considered Taboo. There aren’t loads of people running around saying abused children are sub-human. It’s just taboo. So they are segregated to Lifetime movies, the Oprah show, or the 5 o’clock news far far away from safe normal neighborhoods. When in truth an average of 1 in five CHILDREN, not just little girls, are sexually abused in the United States every year. They’re everywhere. Whats taboo about that? Nothing. Whats oppressive about classifying something as taboo? Its saying a victim’s trauma is simply too traumatic to talk about. Which seems slightly presumptuous, unless you’re a leper too. In which case stop oppressing your fellow leper. You self loathing leper racist.

i’ve made them a race. what? Point is, the concept of ‘taboo’ is fairly oppressive.

On the Oprah show yesterday she had 200 men come on to speak about their sexual abuse experiences. It took an amazing amount of courage for these men to come on the show. It shouldn’t have taken as much as it did. If you got hit by a car and went on the Oprah show would you be said to have some astounding amount of courage? No. People instead would probably ask why the fuck you were on the Oprah show. But for some reason these men have to fear being seen differently by loved ones or strangers on top of choosing to talk about something very painful. Thats what bumps it up from a good amount to an amazing amount of courage. The world will see them as something different, whether it’s with reverence or hatred, they have little hope as being seen as themselves. MOLESTED CHILD is far too big of a label. Pity is a great segregator and comforts no one.

Think this has nothing to do with the oppression of the women or homosexuals or different races? Equality will never happen until the majority stops protecting themselves from the minorities reality. Whether that reality is being a women who gets called a cunt by a douche or being a sexual abused person who had their childhood stolen. The majority also can’t exchange protecting themselves for protecting the minority either. Equality only happens if the minorities of every subject are allowed to speak whenever however they choose to for themselves.

don’t censor shit unless its your shit. and if you are censoring something that is yours make sure you’re not hiding.

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