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Bi the Way

March 28, 2011

Watch the documentary Bi the Way. Its awesome.

Excerpt from: Happy Mother’s Day Ms. O’Doherty
In the kitchen.
TERESA: The thing is, if i choose you…

LISA: First off i hope you’re not choosing me. Whatever that you have feelings or whatever with me and him or for me and him. But if you are with me, if you tell me you want to be with me – it better be because you love me. Not because you choose to have pussy for dinner instead of cock.

TERESA: That was a bit much.

LISA: Sorry.

TERESA: If i want to be with you over him… Does that mean i like girls more than boys?

LISA: Jesus.

TERESA: what?!

LISA: one i don’t fucking know what you like. and two it doesn’t matter.

TERESA: it matters to me.

LISA: Why?

TERESA: Its kinda a big thing. i mean am i a les….

LISA: What do you know about yourself?

TERESA: That i think i like both…

LISA: No, what do you know without a shadow of a doubt about yourself? Something that you know will never change even a little.

TERESA: …nothing i guess.

LISA: Like any other normal person! So why do you need to know if you’re a lesbian or not?

TERESA: You think im a lesbian.

LISA: I think that you are an amazing and surprising person.

TERESA: Lesbian.

LISA: I don’t know what the fuck you are, besides a bitch. Look at 20 years old neither of us really know anything for sure about ourselves, and i’m pretty sure thats how its suppose to be. Hell, i would bet that you’re going to surprise me whatever you turn out to be before i’d bet you were a lesbian or straight.

Teresa rolls her eyes.

Don’t roll your eyes at me.
Do you want to know why i love you?

Do you?


LISA: Because you’re brave by accident. You’re brave enough not to give a shit about things that don’t matter while still caring about what does. And that’s fucking sexy, but you don’t do it to be sexy. You do it because you can’t help it. That’s why i love you- you can’t help but be you.

TERESA: I want to be with you.

LISA: O.K. Well… good.

TERESA: I love you.

LISA: …yeah… well

TERESA: Do you want to know why?

Kiss me, please.

Teresa kisses Lisa.

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